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Session VII

Moving Forward in Mood Disorders, Continued

Session Faculty
Gregory W. Mattingly, MD
Marlene P. Freeman, MD
Leslie Citrome, MD, MPH
Vladimir Maletic, MD
Michael Thase, MD
Tuesday, December 5, 2023
11:40 am
12:55 pm

Presentations In This Session

The New World of Fast-Acting Antidepressants

Gregory W. Mattingly, MD

Updates in Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Marlene P.  Freeman, MD

Audience Q&A and Panel Discussion

Leslie Citrome, MD, MPH; Vladimir Maletic, MD; Gregory W. Mattingly, MD; Michael E. Thase, MD; Marlene P.  Freeman, MD

What Does This Mean for Your Practice?

Marlene P.  Freeman, MD; Sagar V. Parikh, MD, FRCPC

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